Android Rules The Roost For Mobile Advertising

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It has rarely been stated; however, it has been accepted universally that mobile apps are here to stay and will definitely play a vital role for creation of market duopoly which Android and iOS are enjoying currently. However, all this enjoyment for these app giants would never had been a reality without the toil and efforts put in by the prolific developers. The staggering growth seen by these platforms is only due to the proficiency of app developers.

Android – Set to Dominate Mobile Ads

mobile application development india

It is quite surprising to note that preferences of developer platforms are never considered by organizations while devising the mobile advertising for future. Even the news circulations globally are never seen highlighting this point. Though it is largely believed that iOS rules the roost, this point can be arguable. From what experts predict, Android is destined to emerge as the leader and market dominator with regards to mobile advertising.

New Formats And Innovative Ads

Android apps developer India

Android app development is recently witnessing a huge surge in terms of mobile advertising. This is also benefiting the consumers as well as the developer communities. It is overwhelming that consumers expect apps for free and eventually will embrace the ads on mobile as the channels for procuring them. When we consider Android, the advertising networks are creatively engaging in producing killer ads. All this hoopla has led to advertising networks rendering incentives for Android developers.

More Moolah For Developers

mobile app development india

It is rightly said that when you follow some things diligently, you will definitely get them sometime or the other. This is same for the developer community, as every professional aims to earn money. The surge by ad networks in terms of mobile advertising is also leading to hiking the work for Android app development; thus proving beneficial for developers. This is also eventually proving beneficial for consumers, as they are rendered with loads of options in terms of apps.

It is understandable that the app developers are creative individuals who toil in just about every facet of the technology world. They will definitely be inclined towards thriving when resources are made available to them in the mobile development platform of their choice. This is where Android is scoring over iOS as it supports a situation and environment that inspires productivity and profits via mobile advertising platforms.

The recent times have seen a tremendous drift in mobile application developers shifting loyalties to Android and evidence for this is provided by ad networks and app stores. The current crops of developers are more productive and motivated. All this is leading to an enhanced app experience for consumers.

On A Final Note

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The rising popularity of Android with regards to mobile ads has propelled the development of apps on this platform. Everyone is benefiting from this – the developers, consumers and also the platform owners. Overall, the situation is just best and mobile advertising is set to stay for long using Android.


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