Calculated Metrics are Useful for Mobile Application Development Success

mobile-application-development-successMost of the big organizations spend much of their money on developing applications. There are compelling reasons for this too; they feel that their bright future is dependent on this factor. All this has led to a steep rise in the investment done with regards to mobile application development. However, there are only few companies that actually leverage the output from their application development endeavor. Apart from these few, others mostly focus on aspects such as cost per hour for paying developer fees, concentrating on metrics that are input based and so on.

Though it can be said that these metrics prove beneficial as they are able to provide effort levels consumed in the development process, they are not able to answer the important question as to what was the software functionality rendered by the team of developers in the prescribed timeline. In other words, this does not tell you how productive the group of developers was in the entire process.

Development Without an Agenda

Development-Without-an-AgendaIt is always seen that with competitiveness and big money at stake from any company’s perspective, many app developers in India try to develop without having a fixed agenda or a plan in place to measure the end productivity.

Foremost, it needs to be understood that with every level of metric, there is some kind of overhead that needs to be calculated for keeping in track with that said metric. In some of the cases, the overheads have proven to be large that the benefits which they can afford. The other reason is that, in most application development companies, lack of standardized practice is seen in terms of calculating these metrics.

Though it can be seen that metrics that are based on outputs have their own advantages and disadvantages, these can be quite challenging to implement. Hence, the solution for all this can be the combination of use cases which are methods for gathering the exact requirements for projects related to app development, along with output metrics which are able to capture functionality delivered.

For most companies, all this is a journey and they seldom are able to cope up to the change. However, all said and done, this journey can be extremely worthwhile to say the least.

Determine Your Goals

Determine-Your-GoalsWhen you finally decide to embark onto this enticing world of mobile applications, apart from the need to find good app developers in India, the foremost thing to do is find what you intend to achieve via these apps. Having this goal in mind will mean that you are on the right track to achieve success from your app development endeavor. This will also mean that your app will be a success and you will touch the right chords and eventually reap the benefits of a right mobile strategy.


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