Android Rules The Roost For Mobile Advertising

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It has rarely been stated; however, it has been accepted universally that mobile apps are here to stay and will definitely play a vital role for creation of market duopoly which Android and iOS are enjoying currently. However, all this enjoyment for these app giants would never had been a reality without the toil and efforts put in by the prolific developers. The staggering growth seen by these platforms is only due to the proficiency of app developers.

Android – Set to Dominate Mobile Ads

mobile application development india

It is quite surprising to note that preferences of developer platforms are never considered by organizations while devising the mobile advertising for future. Even the news circulations globally are never seen highlighting this point. Though it is largely believed that iOS rules the roost, this point can be arguable. From what experts predict, Android is destined to emerge as the leader and market dominator with regards to mobile advertising.

New Formats And Innovative Ads

Android apps developer India

Android app development is recently witnessing a huge surge in terms of mobile advertising. This is also benefiting the consumers as well as the developer communities. It is overwhelming that consumers expect apps for free and eventually will embrace the ads on mobile as the channels for procuring them. When we consider Android, the advertising networks are creatively engaging in producing killer ads. All this hoopla has led to advertising networks rendering incentives for Android developers.

More Moolah For Developers

mobile app development india

It is rightly said that when you follow some things diligently, you will definitely get them sometime or the other. This is same for the developer community, as every professional aims to earn money. The surge by ad networks in terms of mobile advertising is also leading to hiking the work for Android app development; thus proving beneficial for developers. This is also eventually proving beneficial for consumers, as they are rendered with loads of options in terms of apps.

It is understandable that the app developers are creative individuals who toil in just about every facet of the technology world. They will definitely be inclined towards thriving when resources are made available to them in the mobile development platform of their choice. This is where Android is scoring over iOS as it supports a situation and environment that inspires productivity and profits via mobile advertising platforms.

The recent times have seen a tremendous drift in mobile application developers shifting loyalties to Android and evidence for this is provided by ad networks and app stores. The current crops of developers are more productive and motivated. All this is leading to an enhanced app experience for consumers.

On A Final Note

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The rising popularity of Android with regards to mobile ads has propelled the development of apps on this platform. Everyone is benefiting from this – the developers, consumers and also the platform owners. Overall, the situation is just best and mobile advertising is set to stay for long using Android.


The emerging trends in mobile e-commerce

Prismetric Technologies, a mobile app development company, possesses extensive experience in e-commerce based mobile app development and has developed several comprehensive successful mobile apps in this domain.

The smart phone market is buzzing with mobile apps for both professional and personal uses. These apps have made the globe shrink and world a smaller place by bringing customers and brands together. The latest trends in the mobile app development that are picking up popularity are e-commerce based mobile apps. These apps are built with the purpose of boosting the online shopping experience by giving it a personality similar to conventional shopping stores.

Having a mobile e-commerce app for a business can certainly help the online business gin an edge over the counterparts as shopping trends are also changing. Customers prefer to browse from their mobiles and thus mobile e-commerce can help any business achieve enhanced profitability and customer interaction. However, there are few points that the e-commerce mobile app development must consider in order to come up with a successful e-commerce app.

  • These mobile apps must consider offering multiple products like the brick and mortar stores, so that once a customer visits such stores; get various options and a wide array of products to choose from. Limited products may degrade customer’s experience and they may not turn up again.
  • Always track the business performance on these e-commerce mobile apps. You must also compare the generation of revenue to understand the trends followed by customers in order to provide them the services that they look for.

Mobile e-commerce apps are priceless tools which allow the online businesses to take stock of their customers and resources alike. Prismetric Technologies is a leading mobile app development company which can develop winning mobile apps for your business. You can contact Pristemric Technologies at

Digitizing the real world with augmented reality

Prismetric Solutions, an augmented reality app development company possesses vast industry and has come up with interesting and successful apps in various domains.

Wikipedia describes it as a live view of a physical, real-time environment, the elements of which are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory inputs like sound, graphics, video or GPS data. For us, it has made the world simpler with greater access to information and a faster and more reliable platform to work upon. The field of augmented reality app development has placed a digital overlay of the real world through cameras in modern smart devices. Over the past years, AR app developers have taken enormous advantage of GPS and camera features in mobile phones to provide information upon various point of interest to users.

Users can voice activate devices while on the move, direction to the nearest ATM could be guided with voice commands and banking will not require an actual visit to the bank or even sit on your desktop. Here are three top levels augmented reality mobile apps that has changed the world for users.

1.       Wikitude World Browser

This app has been hailed as the master of all available augmented reality mobile app browsers. When users travel around a given area, the WWB interface will provide all the geographical information you need. This would include landmarks, foursquare locations, ATMs while providing tweets and ratings concerning the places. Available for free, it is like an AR Swiss army knife

2.       AugMeasure

A handy app, this lets you measure short distances using your phone. Using the phone’s camera for live pictures, the measurements will adjust to real time dimensions.

3.       Google Goggles

An amazingly lightweight app, this uses image recognition technology to provide information about various landmarks, logos, barcodes and QR codes. Using the app, one can add a contact in the phone just by scanning business cards. Further summaries of novels could be accessed just by taking a picture of the title. The app recognizes CDs, DVDs, books, paintings, landmarks and yes, Sudoku Puzzles!

Prismetric Solutions is one of the leading companies with a highly talented and creative workforce of AR App Developers who provide customized solutions in the field.  Please visit to know more.

How to Estimate the iPhone App Development Cost?

howtocreateaniphoneapp3-300x300How much to pay for iPhone app development is the most commonly asked question that every iPhone app development company tries to sort out for its clients.

Here’s a quick guide to help you identify how much you can expect to pay for your iPhone app development. This is just to give you an overview of how to go about calculating the costs in terms of money and time that you would be required to pay for your iPhone app development project.

Estimate the hours of development, graphic design and testing

Break the iPhone app development process into different phases and peg number of hours to be spent for executing each phase. Some tasks can be executed simultaneously, like iPhone app development and designing. However, only if the app is built it can be quality tested. Therefore any delay in one phase of development can add up consequently and affect your bottom line.

Assess the complexities of your app features

This basically entails whether the features in your application can be incorporated from readily available third party APIs or does it require coding from the scratch. The difference of cost in these two scenarios is exponential. If you are new to creating an app, discuss with your iPhone application development company app the app functionality requirements.

Unforeseen Delays

Often those looking for building an app overlook usual delays and don’t provision for it. Even while partnering with a professional iPhone app development company in India, you would be initially required to oversee the process, communicate with the project coordinator and give your time for going through things that require your approval. Work out the off-days, time in taking and incorporating approvals, revision cycles and things that are beyond your control.

If you still have any difficulty in estimating the cost, request for a quote from iPhone app development company. It’s free!

Custom-Built Android Apps Boosts Business Productivity


Apps for business productivity are high in demand. Either get android app development for your in-house processes or build an app to sell it on Google Play – you have all your fingers in the pie.

Google Play has thousands of business applications and year-on-year there has been a rise in the number of productivity enhancing applications.

Make regular workday more pleasant for your workforce with customized android apps designed around your business processes. Get them off pondering about routine activities such; as follow up a client, stay in the know of project execution status and organizing documents for important meetings. And when your custom-built app shows results, you can even consider selling it off on Google Play for some extra bucks.

Android is packed with amazing functionalities. The mobile platform has the potential for developing feature-rich apps for business utility.

With custom-build android apps, your key employees can have important documents and presentations right on the phone. You can also enable secured access to Google docs. This way they don’t waste time to haul out the laptop or reach to their PC to access the information and take actions right away.

For your sales and marketing associates, an app for organizing business contacts availed from client meetings and conferences is a truly an asset. Expert android developers can help you develop an app say, which scans business cards and stores it in your database in the cloud. These contacts can potentially contribute to your future revenue stream.

The biggest benefit of choosing android for business applications is that the total cost of developing an android app is economical. An offshore android app development company can build a robust app with highly customized features within your budgetary frame. Initially you might choose to go with the basic features and later add the advanced ones. This way you can inch up your business productivity without weighing down your budget.

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