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3 Ways to Avoid Failure with a Professional Mobile App Development Company

iphone-app-app-developmentYes, you read it right. Partnering with professional companies is not a sure-shot guarantee that your app will be loved by your user-base. Often it so happens that the application works fantastically well, but it has no users to take it up. The entire purpose of developing an app fails.

A professional mobile app development company is a great resource for an outstanding app, however, if you don’t utilize the resource well there are chances you end up getting average results.

You can avoid this.

Here are top three things you need to do and do them right to get maximum results from partnering with a professional company:

1. Have a Clear Goal:

Answer WHY your target users need that app? What problem does it solve or what value it adds to your users? When you have worked hard to choose the right application development company and know exactly what your mobile app is for, your IT Company add their expertise to it and develops an awesome app that’s in demand by users.

2. Don’t Be in a Hurry:

Once your app is designed and developed, what do you do next? Launch it? No, Test it! When your mobile app development company suggests user-testing, go for it. Avoid pushing your mobile app prematurely to the market. Remember haste makes waste.

3. Check Your Communication :

A professional company will give you regular updates, irrespective of whether you ask for it or not. But, how often you read and reply them? Make it a point to actively check the project status and appreciate if something is done that has exceeded your expectations. This will help you find out any deviation from the plan much before it grows into bigger problems.

Collaborations work best when partners work with their best talents. So, clearly define your app idea and leverage the technical expertise of your professional mobile application development company for it. That’s how you work out a truly synergistic collaboration to make your mobile application a huge hit.

Things Every Amazing Android App Development Company Should Consider

android-application-developmentApp development has changed everybody’s world both personally and professionally and it needs to keep evolving for the human race to make the most of mobile technology.For this, there are a few things to be kept in mind that will lead to the growth of not only app developing companies but also everybody who is at the other side of the spectrum a.k.a. the consumer.

• Platforms For App DevelopmentMobile ApplicationAndroid, iOS, Symbian, Windows, BlackBerry, etc are platforms which everyone is familiar with when it comes to apps. The new generation of mobile apps are uncountable and these platforms support all of people’s interests and utilities. These platforms offer the necessary tools for writing, testing and deploying apps and every great android developer in India is very much aware of these features. Knowing which platform to use for your app needs to be researched well before starting out the execution of your idea.

You need to consider the target group and the market you are planning to hit and that will decide the platform you need for your app. You might end up using multiple platforms, if that is the agenda behind deploying your app to the world.

• The Developers’ MarketThe Developers MarketThere are too many app developers across the country and across the globe and it gets difficult to choose the right ones for your company. The demand for mobile apps is also ever increasing and for that reason we have more and more app developers in the making.

Developer needs a proper integrated development environment where they can make the best of what they know and also learn what they don’t. They can engage in app design and development and can create apps that not only entertain or interest the end user but also are of use to them. An amazing Android App Development Company will know what kind of tools and environment is needed to give skilled developers more than what they expect so that they can create more than what people expect them to!

• Delivering QualityDelivering-QualityWhen it comes to quantity, there are plenty of not only developers but also of a lot of development companies. Quality is something that is of more value than quantity. It is not only what is available that is the focus but also if what is available is good enough. Compromising on quality is something which can throw any company or developer away from their careers and for an amazing Android App Development Company to avoid this, focus on quality has to be given primary attention. Quality in time is even better.

Skills combined with good work that is given on time is the best that an app company can give to their client and their consumer.Good knowledge of all platforms like android, BlackBerry, iOS, etc is important along with great developing skills for the same. Converting the needs of a client or an end user into benefits will get the app development company ample success. Not to forget, the services should be flawless.

These few points set a good development company or an android app developer apart from the rest of the crowd. If every development company starts taking certain key points seriously and acts on them promptly and efficiently, there will be lots of applause pouring in and what follows will be success and more business.

The math is to add quality and skill, subtract procrastination and disorganisation.These considerations are important for anybody who wants to be a great android developer in India or anywhere else across the globe. To soar above the rest in this competitive word of technology, you need to have something different to offer, something that gives you an edge over the rest of the world.

Think Before Purchasing and Downloading Any Mobile App

THINK ! backgroundThere are many things which should and considered wisely before purchasing and finally downloading any mobile app on your device. There are very less apps available in the market which really offers what they promise. It always happens that after downloading and using that application, we often came to know that how useless and inefficient the app is. The App Development Company also has an impact on the quality of the app. The best app development company creates app that fulfills all the basic and special requirements of app users of specific categories.

So, if possible the user must take an account of all these factors before pressing the install/buy tab. Some of these factors are:

1. Usefulness of the app.

It is always beneficial to check in advance that whether you really need an app or does that particular app addresses your requirement clearly and properly.

2. Reasons for selecting paid version over the free version

Buy paid version only if, that particular feature you want is not available on the free version and if you are really annoyed by continuous ads.

3. Check for reviews and rating of the app

It will be good if you check some online reviews and blogs for that particular app. Also check average rating .If the app has good rating but there are some reviews which clearly state some glitches in the app, then, it is wise decision to go for an app that has the same features but no shortcomings.

4. Check the update history

The app won’t be productive if doesn’t, t launch updates frequently. Update keeps the app to cover its faults and bugs. So, try app that has frequent update history.

5. User-friendly, easy, user interface is a priority for a mobile app.

Try app which is simple and easy to use. Thus, covers less space, and time of yours.

Things to be considered before getting particular apps:

1. Fitness app: it must feel like a personal trainer in pocket, easy to use, no complex training and workouts must have an affiliation from some medical group, authentic, and many more.

2. Chat app: some strictly needed features are, Text chat, Group chat, File sharing, Location sharing, voice calls, video calls, screen sharing, group chat etc.

3. Ecommerce app: it must have features like, supports multiple eCommerce platforms, quick and painless, Google analytics integration, multilingual support, user-friendly design interface.

The app experts at Prismetric Technologies assist clients to make the choice between iPhone app development and iPad development. Choose professional developers and designers for your next iPhone application development project. Visit http://www.prismetric.com/

Important ways to enhance your Mobile App

The smart phone industry has become  quite vibrant with evolution of mobile apps over last few years. The growth of  App development company India has helped in making apps highly popular. Well there are 4 important ways that could be used to enhance your mobile app to ensure it becomes a success. These are –

mobiledevelopmentFocus on a specific niche – This is the most basic yet most effective concept that if followed properly provides enormously good results. Instead of trying to satisfy all the people, try to target & focus your primary audiences for your app. This way you can get fruitful & promising results efficiently. Get designed your app with Mobile app Development Company keeping in mind your targeted audiences.

Marketing via Social Media – Social Media today has become the most easy & efficient way of promoting & marketing your products. Use social media effectively & aptly to enhance your mobile app productivity.

From User’s Point of View – Design, create and promote your mobile app keeping in mind a user, after all in the end it’s the user who will decide whether to give a success or failure rating to your app. So it should be totally as per the layman, what he wants & want to see, from start to end.

App Name – The name of the app should precisely be portraying its function or area the app is going to focus on. Plus the pronunciation should be kind of easy & catchy. This sounds very basic but proves out to be very handy when counting success rates.

Prismetric Technologies is a leading & trustable App development company India, which can develop endearing mobile apps for your enterprise.

You can contact Prismetric Technologies at http://www.prismetric.com/.

The emerging trends in mobile e-commerce

Prismetric Technologies, a mobile app development company, possesses extensive experience in e-commerce based mobile app development and has developed several comprehensive successful mobile apps in this domain.

The smart phone market is buzzing with mobile apps for both professional and personal uses. These apps have made the globe shrink and world a smaller place by bringing customers and brands together. The latest trends in the mobile app development that are picking up popularity are e-commerce based mobile apps. These apps are built with the purpose of boosting the online shopping experience by giving it a personality similar to conventional shopping stores.

Having a mobile e-commerce app for a business can certainly help the online business gin an edge over the counterparts as shopping trends are also changing. Customers prefer to browse from their mobiles and thus mobile e-commerce can help any business achieve enhanced profitability and customer interaction. However, there are few points that the e-commerce mobile app development must consider in order to come up with a successful e-commerce app.

  • These mobile apps must consider offering multiple products like the brick and mortar stores, so that once a customer visits such stores; get various options and a wide array of products to choose from. Limited products may degrade customer’s experience and they may not turn up again.
  • Always track the business performance on these e-commerce mobile apps. You must also compare the generation of revenue to understand the trends followed by customers in order to provide them the services that they look for.

Mobile e-commerce apps are priceless tools which allow the online businesses to take stock of their customers and resources alike. Prismetric Technologies is a leading mobile app development company which can develop winning mobile apps for your business. You can contact Pristemric Technologies at http://www.prismetric.com/.

Digitizing the real world with augmented reality

Prismetric Solutions, an augmented reality app development company possesses vast industry and has come up with interesting and successful apps in various domains.

Wikipedia describes it as a live view of a physical, real-time environment, the elements of which are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory inputs like sound, graphics, video or GPS data. For us, it has made the world simpler with greater access to information and a faster and more reliable platform to work upon. The field of augmented reality app development has placed a digital overlay of the real world through cameras in modern smart devices. Over the past years, AR app developers have taken enormous advantage of GPS and camera features in mobile phones to provide information upon various point of interest to users.

Users can voice activate devices while on the move, direction to the nearest ATM could be guided with voice commands and banking will not require an actual visit to the bank or even sit on your desktop. Here are three top levels augmented reality mobile apps that has changed the world for users.

1.       Wikitude World Browser

This app has been hailed as the master of all available augmented reality mobile app browsers. When users travel around a given area, the WWB interface will provide all the geographical information you need. This would include landmarks, foursquare locations, ATMs while providing tweets and ratings concerning the places. Available for free, it is like an AR Swiss army knife

2.       AugMeasure

A handy app, this lets you measure short distances using your phone. Using the phone’s camera for live pictures, the measurements will adjust to real time dimensions.

3.       Google Goggles

An amazingly lightweight app, this uses image recognition technology to provide information about various landmarks, logos, barcodes and QR codes. Using the app, one can add a contact in the phone just by scanning business cards. Further summaries of novels could be accessed just by taking a picture of the title. The app recognizes CDs, DVDs, books, paintings, landmarks and yes, Sudoku Puzzles!

Prismetric Solutions is one of the leading companies with a highly talented and creative workforce of AR App Developers who provide customized solutions in the field.  Please visit http://www.prismetric.com to know more.

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