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Learn Why M-commerce is the Key to Success for Retailers


Some recent updates on m-commerce statistics show that the m-commerce, also known as mobile commerce, industry is growing at a tremendous pace and it is indeed a big industry now. Isn’t it a great news? Today, m-commerce holds a small share of the total ecommerce market but this share is increasing too fast.

However, it is surprising to learn that the websites, in-store and apps of many retail companies out there are too basic for mobile commerce. And this has landed many other companies out there with a great opportunity to leverage their market share by simplifying m-commerce.

M-commerce – What is it all about?

M-commerce – What-is-it-all-aboutAs such there is no one standard definition for m-commerce, but an expert of the niche defines it in the simplest manner – it is the buying and selling of goods and services through mobile devices. If we consider the broader aspect of m-commerce, it includes every type of transaction done through a mobile device such as mobile banking; however, some mobile app developers strictly believe that such mobile transaction should be categorized separately.

Let’s dive into some interesting facts about m-commerce.

•    m-commerce industry of Asia, USA and Europe is anticipated to cross the milestone of $500 billion sales by end of 2017

•    m-commerce transaction will surpass $3.2 trillion by 2017, from $1.5 trillion of last year 2013

•    the industry experts claim that m-commerce market will reach to US $800 billion in 2016

•    As revealed in a July 2013 report of Gartner, the mobile commerce industry is set to have over 450 million users in the world by 2017.

Digging up further

Digging-up-furtherSimply put, if it is about online business revenues, m-commerce is making a whole lot out of it. And according the top-notch experts of the niche, this is how the scenario will be for the upcoming years as well. As reported by a consultancy firm, m-commerce market was of $133 billion last year in 2013; and this is almost more than double the $22 billion from consumer apps, $26 billion from enterprise mobility, $12 billion from mobile ads and $3 billion from wearables, if counted together.

Today, consumers are spending much more time on mobile devices than on desktops and notebooks. And this speaks in volume for the bright future of mobile commerce industry worldwide. If you look around many big retailers like eBay and Amazon have already launched their mobile commerce apps.

Find a professional mobile app development company in India

Find-a-professional-mobile-app-development-company-in-IndiaHire the best mobile app developers in India to work upon your m-commerce project. Remember, ecommerce isn’t same as m-commerce. And thus make sure the mobile app development company you hire in India has sound experience and expertise in m-commerce apps.

So, what is stopping you now? Partner with the right mobile app developers’ company and tap your business from the fastest growing mobile commerce industry.

4 Important Things to Ponder Upon Before Developing A Mobile App

4-Important-Things-to-Ponder-Upon-Before-Developing-A-Mobile-AppOne can’t simply deny the fact that smartphones are the latest and most popular digital norm for most of the brands and companies in the world. Start-ups, medium scale businesses and large scale enterprises alike are embracing mobile apps as a part of their business strategy. However, well before you start out with a mobile app development project of your own, here are 5 important points you better get clear on time before it’s too late.

Whether or not outsourcing work is a smart choice

Whether-or-not-outsourcing-work-is-a-smart-choiceThis can be determined depending on the type of business you are into and your primary purpose behind mobile app development. Both in-house development and outsourcing have pros and cons of its own kind. It is needed that you explore all those pros and cons for both choices and choose a feasible alternative.

While in-house mobile app development would ensure higher control over the entire project, outsourcing the same to experienced app developers India will save you a huge amount, time and hassles. Outsourcing mobile app development would make you leverage from economical resources and lower overhead, though direct control over project and proximity to resources would be restricted.

The selection of the platforms to build app for

The-selection-of-the-platforms-to-build-app-forAccording to a recent study, more than 60% of Americans use smartphones and tablets today. And the number is anticipated to cross 905 million benchmark by 2017. Not only in America, but the users of smartphones and tablets are increasing worldwide at a tremendous rate.

Consumers relish in a myriad of options when think of buying a smartphone or tablet. However this makes even more challenging for businesses to decide particular platform or technology for their mobile app development projects.

The key is to analyze the online traffic to your business site and learn about the device preference of your potential customers as well as prospects. Android and iPhone are two most popular choices when it comes to selecting the right platform for developing a mobile app.

The Functioning of the app

The-Functioning-of-the-appAre you launching an app to allow your customers buy your products or services online or you simply want to create an app for consumer engagement? If needed, you may explore Google Play Store and App Store to browse different business apps and the kind of features they offer. It is recommended that you create an app your mobile user base are actually in need for. Also, get clear idea on the main purpose and functioning of your mobile app before you outsource it.

The Potential of Current Infrastructure To Accommodate Future Growth

The-Potential-of-Current-Infrastructure-To-Accommodate-Future-GrowthCheck if you will need to integrate the mobile app with a pre-existing infrastructure. And at the same time, you will need to confirm if that existing infrastructure are capable of handling additional traffic or transactions.

Once can increase the chances of success by taking a systematic approach in a conceptualization of their mobile app development project.

Calculated Metrics are Useful for Mobile Application Development Success

mobile-application-development-successMost of the big organizations spend much of their money on developing applications. There are compelling reasons for this too; they feel that their bright future is dependent on this factor. All this has led to a steep rise in the investment done with regards to mobile application development. However, there are only few companies that actually leverage the output from their application development endeavor. Apart from these few, others mostly focus on aspects such as cost per hour for paying developer fees, concentrating on metrics that are input based and so on.

Though it can be said that these metrics prove beneficial as they are able to provide effort levels consumed in the development process, they are not able to answer the important question as to what was the software functionality rendered by the team of developers in the prescribed timeline. In other words, this does not tell you how productive the group of developers was in the entire process.

Development Without an Agenda

Development-Without-an-AgendaIt is always seen that with competitiveness and big money at stake from any company’s perspective, many app developers in India try to develop without having a fixed agenda or a plan in place to measure the end productivity.

Foremost, it needs to be understood that with every level of metric, there is some kind of overhead that needs to be calculated for keeping in track with that said metric. In some of the cases, the overheads have proven to be large that the benefits which they can afford. The other reason is that, in most application development companies, lack of standardized practice is seen in terms of calculating these metrics.

Though it can be seen that metrics that are based on outputs have their own advantages and disadvantages, these can be quite challenging to implement. Hence, the solution for all this can be the combination of use cases which are methods for gathering the exact requirements for projects related to app development, along with output metrics which are able to capture functionality delivered.

For most companies, all this is a journey and they seldom are able to cope up to the change. However, all said and done, this journey can be extremely worthwhile to say the least.

Determine Your Goals

Determine-Your-GoalsWhen you finally decide to embark onto this enticing world of mobile applications, apart from the need to find good app developers in India, the foremost thing to do is find what you intend to achieve via these apps. Having this goal in mind will mean that you are on the right track to achieve success from your app development endeavor. This will also mean that your app will be a success and you will touch the right chords and eventually reap the benefits of a right mobile strategy.

Android Rules The Roost For Mobile Advertising

android application development india

It has rarely been stated; however, it has been accepted universally that mobile apps are here to stay and will definitely play a vital role for creation of market duopoly which Android and iOS are enjoying currently. However, all this enjoyment for these app giants would never had been a reality without the toil and efforts put in by the prolific developers. The staggering growth seen by these platforms is only due to the proficiency of app developers.

Android – Set to Dominate Mobile Ads

mobile application development india

It is quite surprising to note that preferences of developer platforms are never considered by organizations while devising the mobile advertising for future. Even the news circulations globally are never seen highlighting this point. Though it is largely believed that iOS rules the roost, this point can be arguable. From what experts predict, Android is destined to emerge as the leader and market dominator with regards to mobile advertising.

New Formats And Innovative Ads

Android apps developer India

Android app development is recently witnessing a huge surge in terms of mobile advertising. This is also benefiting the consumers as well as the developer communities. It is overwhelming that consumers expect apps for free and eventually will embrace the ads on mobile as the channels for procuring them. When we consider Android, the advertising networks are creatively engaging in producing killer ads. All this hoopla has led to advertising networks rendering incentives for Android developers.

More Moolah For Developers

mobile app development india

It is rightly said that when you follow some things diligently, you will definitely get them sometime or the other. This is same for the developer community, as every professional aims to earn money. The surge by ad networks in terms of mobile advertising is also leading to hiking the work for Android app development; thus proving beneficial for developers. This is also eventually proving beneficial for consumers, as they are rendered with loads of options in terms of apps.

It is understandable that the app developers are creative individuals who toil in just about every facet of the technology world. They will definitely be inclined towards thriving when resources are made available to them in the mobile development platform of their choice. This is where Android is scoring over iOS as it supports a situation and environment that inspires productivity and profits via mobile advertising platforms.

The recent times have seen a tremendous drift in mobile application developers shifting loyalties to Android and evidence for this is provided by ad networks and app stores. The current crops of developers are more productive and motivated. All this is leading to an enhanced app experience for consumers.

On A Final Note

Mobile Application Development NY USA

The rising popularity of Android with regards to mobile ads has propelled the development of apps on this platform. Everyone is benefiting from this – the developers, consumers and also the platform owners. Overall, the situation is just best and mobile advertising is set to stay for long using Android.

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